Elle B Mambetov
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Born July 16, 1985 to a single mother in the south of the United States, fashion designer Elle B Mambetov has lived a lifetime of tales at the tender age of 33. The Texas native has traveled the world, and most notably built brands in foreign lands, becoming a London Fashion Week designer at the age of 26. Her personal journey has been one of resilient perseverance which at different times has seen the designer homeless, doing business deals with former Prime Minister David Cameron’s adviser, and securing sponsorship deals with Toni & Guy and Evian. From the United States, to China, to the United Kingdom, the fashion designer and now author is expelling her journey of how an African American female can cross boarders to create a name and legacy for herself and her family, breaking barriers and bouncing back after each pitfall to create her womenswear brand Elle B Zhou; and how quickly all of it can be snatched away.

“I see the world differently now” the designer explains. “I’m not sure yet if that is a good thing or a bad thing, only time will tell”. This book is the latest part of the designers journey, having been wrongly imprisoned for fraud after being declared a victim of fraud at the hands of her own friend. “To blow up your own life seems pointless, when as a black woman you have worked so hard to set a positive example and erase stereotypes of black culture and black women in business.”

Previously featured in nearly every major fashion publication for her work, Elle B Mambetov looks forward to her new future with thoughts of rebuilding what was lost, resurrecting her brand Elle B Zhou. Free from chains and back on American soil, the designer now resides in Los Angeles, California with her husband Selim Mambetov.


The explicit narrative written by fashion designer Elle B Mambetov details the true story of how racism, and classist and egregious attitudes can destroy the life of a hardworking African American woman, taken captive and held wrongfully in a foreign prison. The former London Fashion Week designer, previously featured in every major fashion publication for her designs and business whit, was silenced, and forced to watch as her hard work to create luxury brand Elle B Zhou was destroyed. What happens when a foreign ally planted inside the US government offers false information on an American Citizen? Lucid details of sexual harassment by prison staff, police corruption, false imprisonment, stolen property seized without a warrant, and negligence for protection against some of the most dangerous criminals in the world… narrowly scratches the surface of what is revealed and uncovered in this book.

It all began when a fraudulent scandal erupted involving Taylor Swift’s music producer, Miloco Studios, and a David Guetta and Sia track owned by Warner Music and Sony. How does a successful African American woman go from the catwalk to the restricted fashion confines of a prison, and what happened when the United States Congress became involved?